An Evolutionary Journey 
Life lessons through the lens

How Image Making
Evolved My Growth


“Our lives are built on experiences encountered. How we meet them, interact and learn from them defines both our journey and our growth.”

Shoot Learn Grow!

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Shoot Learn Grow Jonathan Trapman's Evolutionary Journeys Book
Soup Seller

Meetings with remarkable people. Learning through listening, sharing and respect.

The common market stall offers life as beauty, death and nourishment, Everything has a lesson for us

Sprats to Catch a Mackerel


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Pools of Eternity

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder yet it is also inherent in every being. Recognise it and we honour that inner beauty within ourselves

Heaven on earth is often quoted for an idyllic place, yet when you actually visit it  not only socks are blown off

Lake Akem Altai Region
Red Pill Wears Yellow

When Red Pill wears yellow in a sea of blue you can be sure there is a lesson or three to come!

Nature kicks the memory, feeds the mind and if taken on the flow returns a moment of pure reflection

Gone Fishin' on Lake Kerchurla
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The Freedom Cycle
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