Chephren Pyramid Winter Solstice 1989

Chephren's Pyramid - Winter Solstice '89 - £10.00

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The Pool

The Pool - £45.00

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Pooh Corner

Pooh Corner - £45.00

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Sacre Coeur

Happy The Bride - £4.00

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Swami's Place

Swami's Place - £15.00

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Posters - various sizes all lithographic printed - of some of Jonathan's iconic images

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Chephren Pyramid


Litho Print size: 41.5cm x 58cm

Taken on the Winter Solstice in 1989 this image captures, naturally the extraordinary creation of a thirteen point star around the sun. One main ray descends directly, sword like, into the pyramid.

I have named this image Transformation

Taken on a very powerful day of the year the symbolism of the image contains Chephren itself, widely known to represent the Feminine Principle, to the Great Pyramid's Masculine. It is pierced by the Sword of Truth emanating from the Sun, a universal Masculine.

The outcome is the thirteen pointed mandala, thirteen being the numerologic number for transformation


The Pool


Litho Print size: 44.5cm x 59cm
(Nocon Collection Series)

Last one of these collectors items left. They are extremely rare and were printed originally as part of the Gene Nocon Collection.

Gene, not only my personal photographic printer but best buddy for many decades, was printer to royalty, celebrity and the top industry professionals.

This image was shot on location in London's original Porchester Baths as part of a fashion series for Ritz Magazine.

One highlight of the shoot was mixing water with flash/electricity and assistants. Recipe for near death! We lived wild in them there days!


Pooh Corner


Litho Print size: 37cm x 30cm

There are a very limited number of these available. JUST 12 LEFT
Printed in 1996, they are very rare.
Concept created in Hackney at one of the first East End New Studio creative centres
Gathering well before days of digital and PS and making all outsized props. Original set build .... How great images were created pre-CGI !

The print can be signed by Jonathan Trapman on request


Happy The Bride Sacre Coeur


Sacré Coeur, 1985
Marriage Profane

Litho Print size: 44cm x 34cm

This image was taken in Paris around 1985.

I was walking inside the Sacre Coeur Cathedral when I spotted a wedding taking place up front.
I, dressed in motor bike leathers, laid ambush with wide angle lens outside. My days in Fleet Street had trained me to 'get the moment'

Sure enough the wedding party came out and amidst the usual family goings on, a 'rocker' with a camera sneaked into their midst and took this. Their expressions tell it all, not only from the mother-in-law but the aristocratic participants, doing what aristocrats do so well...look goofy!


Pooh Corner


Litho Print 
(Art Paper)

size: 49.5cm x 37cm

This image was taken in Kerala, South India in the early 2000s

I was photographing sacred sites around the world. This particular rock outcrop was where Swami Sivananda Paramahansa sat for 40 days and nights until enlightenment.

This shot was a culmination of waiting for the best light, shot on large format 5x4 film analogue and each sold print comes with the full story of what happened on that shoot.

As with all my shots in this series and many others over my career, specific life experiences were revealed that have helped me comprehend life in her many visages and have acted as major growth points and joyful realisations enhancing what I feel has been a richly endowed life.

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