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Jonathan Trapman

Legacy Archive

"Life is what we see. Capture a moment and a story is shared"

Gondola in Venice Italy

Homage to Venice

Venice celebrating its art, beauty and Carnival View images

Silence is Golden


Sometimes the world is black and white.... and beautiful View images

Après les Noces


Lightness of seeing the frivolous and profound! - View images

Aquarian Full Moon August 2019

Eternal 'Scapes

Nature's backyard recorded by the passionate eye - View images

Mudgirl in Umbria

Art of Shooting Kids

Capturing youth and the joy of life is a pure art View images

Silence is Golden

Times Gone By

Recreations of times past has always been a favourite for image makers View images

Poker Face Off

Recent Archive Additions

Newly added images to the Collection - View images

Shoot Learn Grow

Shoot Learn Grow

The Book of The Journey - View images

An Evolutionary Journey by Jonathan Trapman


He shares a journey  covered, incredible outcomes and the stories behind each image and how they have impacted on his life as personal life lessons. He also shows how these, are not the merely a personal evolutionary gift but illustrating how each of us on our own journey are similarly gifted individual opportunities to realise vision and potential towards becoming who we truly are  and can grow into.

Exhibitions of Jonathan Trapman's Archive Legacy


"An extraordinary and unique journey"   - DC

"Talking fluently from the heart and with wonderful stories"   - TW

"Wonderful ! Very informative and inspiring"     -  JM

"Enjoyed your talk very much... very informative. I loved the spiritual outlook to experiences you have been involved in"   -  HJ

Shoot Learn Grow World Tour Exhibition


From Glastonbury UK in 2018 through  2024 Jonathan's work and talks will travel the world.
Author and photographer Jonathan has spent five decades travelling the world with his camera. The exhibitions and sharing evenings illustrate a profound and growth filled career. One with lessons for us all. Exhibitions will include - EUROPE RUSSIA, CENTRAL ASIA,.CHINA, JAPAN, AUSTRALASIA, USA, CANADA and the UK

 Life Cycle series

'Life Cycle' series
Set of 4 prints

Printed as  C-Type Digital prints, with an archive life of 200 yrs+ Gloss finished mounted to A4/3/2/1 sizes . View the collection here


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